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Aus Noies 01/23 Juni 2023

Ein Oszillator ist ein Bestandteil eines Synthesizers, der Klang durch Schwingungen erzeugt. Wenn diese sich in einem Bereich von 20 bis 20 000 Hertz bewegen, kann unser Ohr sie wahrnehmen. Musiker_in Polypixa widmet seine Zeilen den Oscillators des Lebens.
Foto: Frederike Wetzels

Repetition is the father of learning

Oscillation is the mother of pleasure

… a motor is connected to a motor head attachment connected to said silicone embedded connector, wherein said motor head and said motor head attachment moves perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis of a said motor in order to pulsate said stimulation point of said stimulation end in an isolated manner upon being activated via said control button while maintaining said stimulation and stationary.

As the hermetic principle states;

Sine wave, square wave, triangle of sadness.
Oscillation is needed to make your ears go numb and your toes upside
If we zoom far into the oscillator we can see that it loops around its point of balance. This is something I haven’t been doing for a while –
My mission in life is to become like the oscillators that inhabit my synths and vibrators.

(This is what i spent my Bafög money on – cash of Capici)

Everything come from oscillation: 
MONEY, BITCHES, MEMORIES – all that comes from oscillation –

Over time, public service announcement brought to you by the other hermetic principle. The principle of polarity. I don’t pay attention to cool kids anymore … zoom in – zoom out breath in – breath out, emotional gym has no center – only oscillation. When I’m running to the river – I push away confusing memories.

Polypixa aka Polina Korovina ist in Transnistrien aufgewachsen und studiert an der Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln. Poly arbeitet mit mehrsprachigem, experimentellem und politischem Songwriting, und bedient sich verschiedener Musikströmungen, darunter Hip-Hop, Punk und experimentelle Elektronik. Im Dezember erschien Polys zweites Soloalbum auf dem Label PaperCup.