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em guide taking matters into our own hands and offering an alternative

The Oramics initiative sheds light on Polish female, queer and non-binary artists and collectives. One of them is DEKONSTRUKT, the first non-binary and trans-femme collective between Warsaw and Tri-City. Mac aka DiV4 is part of the collective. In an interview with Zosia Hołubowska, DiV4 talks about how they got into DJing and what changes they would like to see in the (international) club culture scene.

Mai 2024

Photo: Filip Melnyk

noies chimären jasmina al-qaisi: psycho-somatic scores with jess aszodi

In her third and last Chimäre, author Jasmina Al-Qaisi searches for where her voice rests. Lead by artist Jess Aszodi she goes on a journey to look for it in various locations in her body: memory, pain, inheritage, language, resistance, breath and soil.

Mai 2024

em guide cultivating tenderness through listening with warm winters ltd.

Warm Winters Ltd. is a great platform to discover experimental music (not only) from Eastern Europe. The label from Braitslava does not commit itself to genres, and yet the music is characterized by a certain tenderness. Label founder Adam Badí Donoval on his approach to curating and the challenges of running a label in Eastern Europe

April 2024

Adam Badí Donoval photographed by Andrea Blahová

em guide re-enchanted kingdoms

Folk music is strongly influenced by the region in which it originates: by its nature, its traditions, its craftsmanship. What does Slovakian folk music sound like today, and what perspectives on our globalized world does it offer? Author Michael Papcun presents four contemporary approaches ranging from experimental electronics to drone and metal. It becomes clear that Slovakian folk music is more of a concept than a sound.

April 2024

From left to right: Adela Mede shot by Petra Briškova, András Cséfalvay press photo

gespräch mit sounds now: believed resolved, still pending

Launched in 2019, Sounds Now is a large-scale cooperation project co-funded by Creative Europe, consisting of a network of 9 European music festivals and arts centers that promote contemporary music, experimental music and sound art. The project aims to actively stimulate inclusion and diversity in the current European contemporary music landscape. Roberto Beseler Maxwell met up with Anne Appathurai, project manager of Sounds Now, to talk about the project, their goals and future.

Aus NOIES 02/24 März 2024

Photo: Zjuul Devens

noies chimären jasmina al-qaisi: cuchicheo* with nicole l’huillier

Jasmina met with Nicole L'Huillier in her studio in Berlin. All the utterances that they shared together are mixed in a co-writing process readable, visible and audible in the following article. The wires, silicones and conductors whistle various versions of world-sensing. While grasping, they lose frequencies and they melt the difference between emitting and receiving between devices and themselves.

März 2024

gedanken über musiksemiotik: parlour game

Was genau kommuniziert Musik - und wie? Der Künstler Harkeerat Mangat geht dieser Frage anhand eines besonderen Beispiels nach: einer Standardpräsentation von Dhrupad-Musik.

Aus NOIES 04/23 Juli 2023

Konzert von Chintan Upadhyay beim Bangalore International Centre, 2021

reise nach cmmas

Rodrigo Sigal stellt uns das Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS) vor, das Neue Musik Netzwerk in Morelia, Mexiko. Hier wird mit Konzerten, Festivals, Kursen, Residenzen und vielem mehr die lebendige Musikszene Morelias mitgestaltet und unterstützt. Im Interview spricht Rodrigo über die Zielsetzung der Akteur:innen und die fehlende Unterstützung des mexikanischen Staats.

Aus NOIES 04/22 April 2023

Photo: CMMAS