Zeitung für neue und experimentelle Musik

gedanken über klangintensität: as loud as possible

In noise music, extreme volume is an effective means of involving listeners with their entire bodies. Pedro A. Ramírez examines how musicians use volume artistically and what role the sound carrier plays in this process. Ramírez uses personal experiences, interviews and theoretical approaches.

April 2024

em guide re-enchanted kingdoms

Folk music is strongly influenced by the region in which it originates: by its nature, its traditions, its craftsmanship. What does Slovakian folk music sound like today, and what perspectives on our globalized world does it offer? Author Michael Papcun presents four contemporary approaches ranging from experimental electronics to drone and metal. It becomes clear that Slovakian folk music is more of a concept than a sound.

April 2024

From left to right: Adela Mede shot by Petra Briškova, András Cséfalvay press photo

gedanken über postkoloniale neue musik: wege aus der dauerschleife

Von kolonialen Denkstrukturen ist auch die Neue Musik nicht befreit: Neue Musik-Diskurse produzieren ihre ganz eigenen Konzepte von »Authentizität«. Warum man diese hinterfragen sollte, in welcher Gegenwart sich die aktuelle Musik befindet und wie es gelingen könnte, sie zu dekolonisieren, untersucht Sophie Emilie Beha in ihrem Essay über postkoloniale neue Musik.

April 2024

von links nach rechts: Du Yun fotografiert von Zhang Hai, meLê yamomo fotografiert von Zé de Paiva, Harald Kisiedu fotografiert von Andrea Rothaug

gespräch mit sounds now: believed resolved, still pending

Launched in 2019, Sounds Now is a large-scale cooperation project co-funded by Creative Europe, consisting of a network of 9 European music festivals and arts centers that promote contemporary music, experimental music and sound art. The project aims to actively stimulate inclusion and diversity in the current European contemporary music landscape. Roberto Beseler Maxwell met up with Anne Appathurai, project manager of Sounds Now, to talk about the project, their goals and future.

Aus NOIES 02/24 März 2024

Photo: Zjuul Devens